Journeying Towards Food Security

I’m taking a new direction in my gardening for food security.

I have developed my outdoor gardens and I’m now looking to growing some of my food indoors. We have a short growing season outdoors here in Zone 3 and there has been a lot of extreme weather happening not to mention natural catastrophes that could shorten the outdoor growing season even more.

I’m looking to have a productive, cost effective garden in a controlled environment.

We are fortunate to have a sun room but it has tinted windows and  in the winter the sun doesn’t come over the trees so we will have to have supplemental light. I wanted grow lights in any case so as not to be reliant on the sun.

We heat with wood in the winter and have an inline fan to take the extra heat which rises to the top of our cathedral roof and pipes it into the sun room. This is thermostatically controlled.

We are looking at a growing area that is about 7 feet by 14 feet. We will need to leave some area for a pathway from the door and paths to get at the food being grown. We want to maximize the growing area as much as possible so will be using rectangular grow boxes plus we have a light stand that is in a different area which we will be growing seedlings to rotate into the main growing area plus grow some of the lower growing plants like lettuce.

Our first steps will be to research the lights and decide what  we will want to eat that we can grow indoors. We will be selecting plants that are productive and suitable varieties for growing in containers.

Stay tuned for we will be sharing what we have researched plus sharing our continuing journey for food security in an ever changing world!

Let me know in the comments below if you do any indoor growing or have plans to do so. I’d love to hear what you are up to!

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